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Conference Announcemenet: Impact and achievements of IEE bioenergy projects

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Conference Announcement:
Impact and achievements of IEE bioenergy projects
22 May 2014 | Crowne Plaza, rue Gineste 3 | 1210 Brussels

Bioenergy will play a crucial role in achieving the renewable energy targets by 2020. It is expected to account for more than 50% of the renewable energy consumption in Europe. However, the production and consumption of sustainable bioenergy in any of its forms (solid, gaseous and liquid), is still facing non-technological barriers that are impeding its large scale market uptake in most EU Member States.

The bioenergy projects which have been co-financed by the Intelligent Energy – Europe II (IEE) programme (2007-2013) aimed at supporting initiatives addressing such non-technological barriers by triggering and accompanying the concrete implementation of local supply chains of the most sustainable solid biomass, biogas & bio-methane and liquid biofuels resources. They have also supported the implementation of strategic actions aiming at contributing to the achievement of the 2020 targets and setting strategies in the bioenergy field beyond 2020.
The conference will present the impact achieved by the projects funded under the IEE programme as well as the final results of the 8 solid biomass and biogas projects coming to an end in 2014. Representatives from DG ENER and DG AGRI will provide an update on the latest developments in the energy and agricultural EU policies in relation to bioenergy.

Further information, programme and registration find here!