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BiogasHeat coaching opportunities – only three spots left

November 27th, 2014 | Posted by translator in Uncategorized

During the lifetime of the BiogasHeat project, the consortium gathered valuable insights on heat utilisation from biogas including market data, technologies, business strategies and more. Since mid-2014 the consortium has offered coaching opportunities in non-target countries across the European Union and by now nearly all spots are taken. Nevertheless, there are still three opportunities left for interested stakeholders to get a free two-step coaching on heat utilisation from biogas. You are interested? Continue reading!

Find the full Call for Expressions of Interest here: Call for Expressions of Interest

The experience so far shows that there is still a considerable potential of heat to be utilized. One of the main aims of the BiogasHeat project is to share expertise and experiences on how to use this available heat in an efficient way. Therefore, we are looking for coaching partners abroad in order to share our results with regard to technical, economic, legal and political issues.

As selected coaching partner you will benefit from a visit by our consortium which will include a check of your facilities and a first round of training which will equip you with valuable insights. In a second round the consortium invites a few coaching partners to a second training in one of the project countries to allow for a more detailed and tailored approach. However, even if not selected the consortium will keep you informed and supply you with all training and coaching materials developed in the course of the project.

In order to declare your willingness to participate please fill in and sign the letter in Annex I (see link to the document below) which serves as Expression of Interest. The first selection will be based on the evaluation criteria that can be found in Annex II.

Please note that all data are treated confidentially. For questions please send an email to or call +32 2 740 21 10 (contact person – Ingo Wagner, Policy and Project Officer, Euroheat & Power – DHC+ Technology Platform).

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