Development Of Sustainable Heat Markets For Biogas Plants In Europe


Information material


  • Biogas Markets and Heat Use in Europe  EN 
  • Good Practice Examples of Biogas Heat Use  EN
  • Handbook on Sustainable Heat use from Biogas Plants  EN (3003)  DE (2058)  HR (4932)  IT (9692) DK (2165) CZ (3830)  RO (8106)  LV (4044)
  • Handbook on Sustainable Heat Use from Biogas Plants 2nd Edition  EN (2370) DE (1024) HR (2467)  IT (1027) DK (1641) CZ (983) RO (1027) LV (1849)
  • National policy enforcement for heat use from biogas EN DE HR IT DK CZ RO LV AT
  • Reviewed report on National policy enforcement EN
  • European Strategy Paper on Heat Use from Biogas Plants EN
  • Report on European workshop on heat use from biogas plants EN
  • Reports from 1st national workshops in DE HR IT DK CZ RO LV AT
  • Promising Strategies for the Utilisation of Heat from Biogas Plants EN
  • Summary documentation on business cases EN
  • Report on the international kick-off-transfer workshop EN
  • Report on roundtable discussions on policy recommendation with policy makers and authorities DE HR IT CZ RO LV AT
  • Report on training for biogas operators DE HR IT CZ RO LV AT
  • Reports from 2nd national workshops in DE HR CZ RO LV AT
  • Questions and Answers brochure EN
  • Overall conclusions, recommendations and good practices EN
  • Report on the Final European Conference EN
  • Proceedings of the coaching events EN
  • Report on help-desk activities, including FAQ list EN
  • Overall documentation of field tests, and their interim and final evaluation EN
  • Final summary report on on-site discussions/workshops EN
  • Final report on published articles and publications about BiogasHeat project EN
  • Final project report EN

Documentation on initial feasibility studies in: