Development Of Sustainable Heat Markets For Biogas Plants In Europe

International Workshop: BiogasHeat – Increasing the efficiency of biogas

February 24th, 2014 | Posted by Ilze Dzene in Events | News

Biogas is an interesting and growing energy resource, fulfilling two main criteria for modern resources: Biogas is domestic and renewable. However, the most biogas installations have so far concentrated on electricity production and ignored the surplus heat. This way the resource was not used in the most efficient way and an additional source of income for the producers has been neglected.

On behalf of the BiogasHeat project consortium, we would like to inform you that the workshop ‘BiogasHeat – Increasing the efficiency of biogas’, took place in the framework of the 5th AEBIOM European Bioenergy Conference 2014 in Brussels on 12 May 2014.

The BiogasHeat project aims at identifying heat utilisation strategies, defining business opportunities and sharing the gathered experiences.

Accordingly, during this workshop following topics were covered:

–  heat utilisation options for biogas facilities
– discussions on the market and political framework conditions
– sharing of utilisation strategies and business models
– presentations of business plans and opportunities

This workshop was the first event in a row of activities to equip plant operators, planners, heat consumers, urban and spatial planners, regional authorities and others with the knowledge needed to utilise the surplus heat and increase the efficiency of biogas plants.

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For further questions, please contact Ingo Wagner, Policy and Project Officer, Euroheat & Power – DHC+ Technology Platform


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